Hardcore Music Seminar: focus on your music career and skills!

Music guitar skills, Hardcore Music Seminar, guitar hero on stage.

Unlock your full potential

Elevate your goals and music skills

“I will guide you through the process of accelerating your music skills, and finding clarity about your goals.”

Would you choose the red or blue pill?

Hardcore Music Seminar is an exclusive programm for artists, musicians, songwriters, bands, singer songwriters, composers etc. For those who wants to pursue and achieve their musical dreams and goals in their life, with the right coaching, focus, skills and roadmap.

Music guitar skills, do you choose the read pill of blue pill?

Playing live and your with your own rock, funk or pop band.

Enhance your music & guitar expertise

Discover secrets of getting more results in less time.
Get tools, personal training and a unique coaching program for accelerating to maximum performance.

 Create your own roadmap and boost your music knowledge in 12 weeks.
Recharge your energy, music passion and lust for life.
Stop repeating yourself, take action and step out of your comfort zone.
Push yourself beyond the limits and become the best version of yourself.
Stop endless practicing, start playing music, focus on what’s really important.

Get results that last. Your transformation begins right here, right now.

Music skills and goals, performing on rock festivals

Become the best acoustic guitar player you can be!

Clarity and laser focus

Be clear about your goals

“Time in life is precious and strictly limited. Use it wisely.”

Rather regret things you’ve done, than things you wish you did.

 All starts with being clear about what you want in life.
Create a strong and healthy mindset, rebound negative energy.
Attract like-minded and motivated people.
Stop hesitating, make choices and decisions.
Take care of a healthy mind and body, stay in shape!
Stop living and repeating your past, keep moving forward.
Live your full potential, making plans with no escape.

Stop procrastination

Die before or after achieving your dreams?

“Don’t wait, just do it. The time will never be just right!”

Do it NOW (or never)!

Music is a passion and life goal, not just exercising or noodling scales. I help people who …

 Don’t know how to get started or what steps they should take.
 Feel that every year looks like a copy-paste of last year
 Get easily demotivated by other people’s negative energy.
 Want to reduce stress and boost their inner rest and life energy.
 Prefer chasing their passion above a burn-out, depression or addiction.
Work and practice a lot, but make no more progress.
Has been playing or writing music for years but feel somehow stuck.

Play on rock festivals, dance festivals, electronic music festivals, metal festivals

How can I help you?

Music as a tool to refresh your mind,
find inner rest and peace.

I help people boosting their music skills in a short period of time, while finding positive energy and clarity towards their goals and future.

Wouter Baustein at production studio


I help my clients finding focus and clarity, while developing music skills.

Absolute beginners up to advanced music lovers, who want to take control of their life and design their own future.

Music goals and guitar skills, hardcore music seminar and training


12 week personal hardcore program.