Are You Moving In Circles?

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Are you moving forward, or just moving in circles?

80% of the people move in circles. For 80% of them that’s OK, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But 20% rather feel unhappy and often suffer from stress, sleeplessness, burnout, negativity, anxiety and physical health complaints. Many are afraid or don’t know how to step out of their vicious circle.

The fear of the unknown is often stronger than itself. The subconscious mind always wants you returning to your old, known and trained pattern. No matter how good or bad it is or was.

Many blame external factors rather than themselves. Fortunately, the power of making progress lies entirely with yourself. Break your daily routine, dare to change, get out of your comfort zone, create the right mindset and set your goals.

There’s no need taking giant steps. Someone who’s taking small steps is still making more progress than someone who doesn’t move at all. What steps are you gonna take today?

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