Hardcore music training program: application form

Hardcore music training program: highway towards your music dreams and success.

Application Form

If you can dream it, you can do it.

“Time in life is precious and strictly limited! Get better results in less time.”

It is important to understand that the success of my hardcore music training program depends on your dedication and commitment.

The hardcore music training program is very intensive, demanding, and is not suitable for everyone. I only want to work with a limited number of selected and dedicated people. Only those who are ready stepping out of their comfort zone and willing to push themselves beyond the(ir) limits. Those who want to take action, work on themselves, accept failure, never give up, and repeat until they succeed.

Price 12-week personal Hardcore Music Seminar
Launching price € 4950 ➜ € 2950 ex VAT (until 01.01.2024)
Full payment in advance before start, or 3 x monthly payment +15%

How to apply:
1. Submit this application form.
2. We’ll setup a 30 minute online interview.
3. If your application is accepted, your starting date will be scheduled.

Application form