Music coach trainer mentor, Wouter Baustein

Design your own future

Become the best version of yourself

“Take control of your own life, instead of being lived.”

Do what 98% of others won’t

1. I help people boosting their music skills in a short period of time.
2. I help people finding energy and clarity towards their future and goals.

Wouter Baustein, music producer and personal music coach.

I am Baustein – DJ, producer, songwriter, music trainer and coach. Born and raised in Germany behind a piano, turntable infected at the age of 12. While classical and jazz educated, my relentless passion for contemporary music persisted in various styles from electronic music up to pop, rock and metal. After I graduated from music college, I did several jobs in paid employment. I got fired regular as clockwork, was unhappy and got depressed. I felt this wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life. One day I promised myself I would never ever work another day in my entire life. It’s been a winding and scary road, but step by step I started taking control of my own life. Now I often joke that I fully retired in 2015 … and that’s exactly how I feel until today.

Rock festivals, guitarist playing a Gibson SG guitar

Don’t wait for opportunity: create it!

Change your mind, change your life.

Over the years I trained and met countless fellow musicians living their daily routine life, and spending a lot of time practicing their music instruments. Many years later, they were still going in circles, made no progress, looked unhappy, unhealthy, complaining and blaming everything except themselves. They had one thing in common, just like the “old me”: lack of clarity and no defined goals. I started guiding my clients in a different approach. Training music, but also working on their future. The right mindset, finding clarity, setting goals, self-development, and getting out of the(ir) comfort zone.

Over time, a growing number of people joined my music training escaping their daily grind and personal concerns. I started using music as a tool for helping people who are over-stressed and confused about their life. People who suffer the same lack of clarity and undefined future. People who are repeating their past, and being lived instead of taking control of their own life. Music is a proven and powerful tool finding inner rest and piece of mind. Music helps escaping the daily grind, and makes room in the head for working on clarity, mindset, life and the future.